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Welcome To Our Website!
What will you find here? Maps, paper models,
and everything necessary to aid game masters with good imaginations.
Our maps are available in print!
Visit our printed maps on the site of Deep-Cut Studio! Check out the printed maps from Lord Zsezse Works

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Previous projects founded with our participation on Kickstarter:

3D virtual tabletop Machina Arcana board game

Please feel free to contact us if you would like our help to your next Kickstarter/Indiegogo project.
We can help you with our maps, graphics and ads placed on our page here or Facebook.
As you can see above we already took part in a few successful Kickstarters and we would be glad to help everyone who want to add great maps to their next project.
Of course we cannot accept every request, but if you think you need us, throw us a mail to lordzsezsemage@gmail.com or contact us on Facebook. Thank you!

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